The artwork for the 2014 Live Oak Music Festival was created by Christi Brown, aka “Mid-Century Maude.” Christi’s designs are heavily inspired by the Mid-Century Modern style of design, drawing especially from 1950's and 60's commercial advertising illustration and vintage mid-century Disney concept art. In this piece, Christi uses the traditional medium of gouache paints on illustration mat board. The painting is modeled after real people and a real retro trailer that are fixtures at Live Oak.  The trailer belongs to Christi’s friend, Craig, who actually creates a 1950's scene in his camp every year.  The woman serving drinks was inspired by Rosanne from the Art Walk, who walked around serving margaritas from a pitcher last year in honor of her husband who had passed away.  The other two characters represent familiar Live Oak regulars.


Christi Brown, raised in Claremont, California, has lived on the Central Coast for the past 17 years. She is a painter, designer and illustrator and has been creating art for as long as she could hold a brush. Many people will know Christi as “one of the twins,” as she is rarely seen without the company of her twin sister and business partner, Cara Brown. Together Christi and Cara have spent the past ten years showcasing their work both locally and on the road at music festivals, fantasy and Renaissance fairs, and other art bazaars. Most recently, the two have stopped traveling out of the area and have successfully launched four different online “ETSY” shops from which they now glean the majority of their art sales. These four shops are: “The Elfin Forest," which showcases Christi and Cara’s familiar watercolor fantasy art; “Applewood Knoll,” cute, shadow-box style artwork geared towards babies and kids; “Merlyn's Dream,” modern and stylish women's t-shirts featuring slick graphic designs; and “Mid-Century Maude.”