Stage and Audience Info



The Main Stage audience area opens at 2:00 pm on Friday and at 7:00 am on Saturday and Sunday for the "Acorn Roll," the Live Oak name for the casual walk from the line up area into the audience area. As early as 6:00 a.m., the line forms from the audience area entrance, along the fence line toward the Children’s Camp. Each person may bring no more than 4 chairs, and must stay with their chairs in line (except on Friday, when chairs can be left unattended until 1:30 p.m.). Please, no wagons in line. At the appointed hour, the audience area is opened so you can walk in and reserve your seating.



There are two seating areas within the audience area: Main Stage seating and General seating.

Main Stage Seating

Main Stage seating is directly in front of the stage and within the yellow cord lines. Only low back chairs no taller than 32 inches from the ground to the headrest, and no taller than 10 inches from the ground to the seat are allowed in this area. No hook-back style folding chairs, blankets or chaise lounges are allowed.

General Seating

Outside the yellow corded Main Stage Seating area, you'll find the General Seating area, where any type and height of chair, tarps and blankets are allowed. Maximum size for tarps is 9’ x 12’; please take no more space than you need for your comfort.

Dancing Area

Another yellow cord toward the front and sides of the audience area designates the dancing area. Dancing and standing are allowed only beyond this yellow cord. Audience members are asked to remain seated inside the main stage and general seating areas and to enter and exit their seats only between songs or between sets.



Stage Too is a smaller stage located at the northwest end of Live Oak Camp. There are lots of fun activities scheduled, including a jamming workshop; intimate, interactive performances; yoga classes; and concerts for teens.



Our Hot Licks Stage heats up with dancing on Friday and Saturday nights, featuring main stage performers after the main stage closes. On Saturday and Sunday mornings Hot Licks presents some of the best local performers from the Central and South Coast. Plus you can find shows for children midday at Hot Licks, including the ever-popular Kid’s Talent Show on Sunday. The stage is located just outside the concessions area in the covered building.


Courtesy Reminders

  • No video cameras, glass, bicycles or umbrellas (unless it is raining) are permitted in any audience area.
  • To minimize distractions, please refrain from loud talking or unnecessary noise during performances (please, no musical instruments, spoons, washboards, etc.). The audience is listening!
  • Please try to arrive at your seats prior to the beginning of each set (or between songs). Avoid walking in front of the stage, or moving to or from your seat during songs.
  • Empty chairs in the audience area are available for use by others until their owner returns. If you do not want your chair temporarily used by others, please take it with you.
  • Please deposit all trash and recyclables in the containers at the entrance to the audience area.
  • THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE AREA IS A SMOKE-FREE ZONE. If you'd like to smoke, please move to the designated smoking area located at the fire pit near the Hot Licks Stage.
  • Please do not climb the trees in the audience area.
  • All personal belongings must be removed from the entire audience area at the end of each evening's performances.