Family Fun

All activities featured here were from 2017. Many return every year, but activities are subject to change for 2018.


Something Ridiculous

Something Ridiculous has grown a lot since making its debut appearance at Live Oak six years ago. We now perform all over the country at venues such as Universal Studios Hollywood, the LA Staples Center and fairs large and small. But no matter where our career takes us, there is a reason we will always keep Father’s Day Weekend open for Live Oak: the community and experience of this festival are one of a kind. Over the last five years, we have watched as a colony of young “Acorns” has transformed from enthusiastic fans into avid unicyclists and jugglers themselves, joining us in parades and weekend rides and inspiring others as they make these circus arts their own. We’re honored and excited to return this year for some fun, unforgettable performances as well as to meet and teach the next generation of ridiculousness!

ping pong paddles.jpg

Game Zone (Ages 13 – 17)

Free pizza, popcorn, poker, ping pong, and even Bocce Ball!

Have fun with hula hoops!

Look for the colored flags and hay bale circle.

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Talent Show with host, Don Norton

Tryouts will be held 2:30 - 4pm on Friday & Saturday at the Children’s Stage. The Show will begin at 2:45pm on Sunday at Hotlicks. Host, Don Norton!


Yoga with Tim Costa

Tim Costa, 500 RYT, has been trained through the Shivananda lineage and has been teaching for four years in Morro Bay and Los Osos. Tim incorporates Hatha Yoga, gentle movements and breathing exercises for every body. Tim loves to incorporate Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound, in all his classes with singing bowls and other instruments. His classes at Live Oak Festival will be accompanied by musicians Justin Perkins and Johnee Gange.

All levels welcome! Om Shanti. Namaste

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Kids Band Workshop with Dana and John

Calling all singers and players! Join our band and you can be a part of the Talent Show! Dana and John’s workshops will guide the group through song selection, practice, and finally the performance on Sunday. Open to any children from beginners to experienced musicians. We’ll meet on Friday and Saturday 2:30 – 4:00 pm at the Children’s Stage.

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Sushi Workshop with Michael & Roger

Michael and Roger are teaching sushi making twice a day on Saturday and Sunday. families learn to make a veggie sushi roll. This is a 45 minute workshop held in the kid's camp. Cost is $15.

 Endless creativity in the family craft area!

Endless creativity in the family craft area!


The Faerie Forest with Storyteller Zette Harbour

The Faerie Garden is for imaginative play and storytelling with Zette Harbour. Twinkle lights, faeries and gnomes await the arrival of children to the garden. Write a message and tuck it in a handmade leaf envelope sprinkled with faerie dust for the gnomes and faeries to find under the oaks!


Kids Yoga instruction 

As we flow through the rhythm of life we must turn inward and connect to our body, mind, and spirit. Yoga allows us to create space from within so we can reach our fullest potential in life. I am honored to bring Omni Yoga to the community of Los Osos. I truly believe that yoga can transform the way we live and see ourselves in the world. It’s a blessing to share my knowledge of yoga with each and every one of you and to be able to create a space where we can all grow into our own practice together yet individually. In my youth I studied Ballet and learned a deep awareness of physical movement and kinetic mobility. I began my yoga practice as a teenager and it has not only taken me on a path to physical health but has shown me a new way of living everyday life to it’s full capacity. Studying both the mind and body has tremendously strengthened my awareness on how thought patterns affect the nature of our physical well-being.

“When we connect the breath with movement and slow down the mind we create a space within ourselves to grow. As a teacher I thrive to cultivate an awareness of the psychosomatic connection, while strengthening the muscles, and improving the alignment and overall health of our bodies.”

-Bridget Salisbury

Bridget Salisbury completed her 200-hour certification at the Yoga Center in San Luis Obispo, California and she graduated from Antioch University with a BA in Psychology.


Little Acorns Toddler Oasis

This year we are expanding the Toddler Oasis for our littlest acorn Oakies to include toys, crafts, dress-up clothes, a napping tent and changing table. Our popular birdseed box, lounging Adirondacks for parents and high chairs for the babies!