2018 Featured Art by Kris Doe

2018 Featured Art by Kris Doe

2018 Featured Art by Kris Doe

Quote from Kris on what inspired this year’s artwork:

“When KCBX presented me with the concept (brainchild of Live Oak Merchandise Coordinator, Kelli Reynolds) of creating a “travel poster” featuring a vintage Volkswagen bus winding its way through the golden, oak studded California hills to the Live Oak Music Festival, it spoke to many of my passions and made this a very enjoyable project.

Congratulations on 30 years of staging what has become a wonderful California central coast tradition. I eagerly look forward to this year’s gathering and am honored to have been asked to contribute to the event."

About Kris

Kristopher Doe is a Southern California born and raised artist who grew up in the artistically rich San Gabriel Valley City of Pasadena, which was home to many of the California Impressionist, Plein Air painters of the early 20th century. This artistic heritage was instilled at a young age and has served as an inspiration in his pursuit of his own observations of the magnificent natural environment of our Golden State and beyond. Kris has also been tremendously inspired by the pop and music culture that emerged in the 1960’s and takes particular interest in capturing and recording our rapidly disappearing Americana.

A graduate of Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, Kris has enjoyed over 25 years experience as a successful freelance illustrator, fine art painter and drawing, painting and design instructor throughout Southern and Central California at both public and private educational institutions.