Frequently Asked Questions

There are a multitude of reasons for the move, many of them very positive. Here are just a few:

  • There is less risk of being displaced due to fire. Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara County is a designated base for firefighters in the region, and we have twice come dangerously close to being locked out of Live Oak Camp due to active fires in the area.
  • The average temperatures in June are more moderate at El Chorro Regional Park, and there are more trees there, too. We have consistently heard from festival patrons that heat and dust have kept many from returning to our beloved Live Oak Camp.
  • There is adequate water supply for dust control (and much less dust) at El Chorro Regional Park.
  • The infrastructure is better.

So we don’t conflict with Cal Poly Commencement. Historically, this has been one reason that folks have had to miss Live Oak. In addition, we want to ensure that those who travel and choose to stay at local hotels will be able to book rooms during that weekend. In 2019 the Live Oak dates are June 21-23. 2020 dates will be June 19-21. We’ll be sure to announce the upcoming dates a couple of years ahead of time.

Yes, Live Oak will continue to be a camping festival. And being in closer proximity to town, those who would prefer to stay in a hotel (or back home) won’t have far to travel. Transit options like buses, taxis, Lyft and Uber will also be easier to engage.

Yes, using Google Earth we have mapped out the areas that will be designated for camping, and we’ll have as much or more camping area as we had at Live Oak Camp. There are lots of areas further back in the park that we can use for camping. As soon as we finalize the site map we will be sure to share it with you.

Yes, El Chorro Regional Park has a comparable number of reserved RV sites with hookups, and we plan to offer these on a reservation basis, like we did at Live Oak Camp. There will be an extra charge for hookups.

Yes, El Chorro Regional Park has some permanent bathrooms and showers, and we will augment these with port-a-potties and shower trailers to ensure we have adequate facilities.

We hope to make this a part of the festival, but we are still working out logistics with County Parks. Stay tuned for more details.

Yes, County Parks allows campfires at El Chorro Regional Park. Stay tuned for more details.

No, dogs will not be allowed at the Live Oak Music Festival in our new location. The dog park will be closed during our festival dates.

Yes, we plan to recreate all of the many facets of Live Oak in our new space. There will continue to be a Kids Area, Mercantile, Art Walk, food vendors, arts & crafts vendors, and multiple stages for entertainment throughout the day and evening.

There are many additional activities to enjoy while attending Live Oak. There are hiking trails, a 9-hole golf course, horse shoes, a volleyball court, children’s play equipment, a rock climbing feature, bicycling along Highway 1, and the county is planning some additional features in the near future, like disc golf.

Daytime temperatures are more moderate (averaging about 15 degrees cooler in June), and there are consistent afternoon ocean breezes, so it will generally be much more comfortable during the day. There will be a nice mix of sun and shade for everyone’s comfort.