Fire Prevention

Once again, it is critical that we exercise extreme care and respect for the danger associated with fire in the Live Oak environs due to extremely dry conditions. KCBX/Live Oak works closely with Santa Barbara County Fire officials to minimize the possibility of fire at Live Oak Camp.

Please do your part by strictly adhering to the following policies and guidelines:

Only propane BBQs, camp stoves and off-the-ground, propane-fired pits are allowed at Live Oak. No open, ground, charcoal or wood fires, presto logs or open-flamed candles are permissible.
If using a propane-fueled appliance, please clear the area around the appliance down to bare earth and be aware that alcohol may impair your judgment and ability to properly oversee and/or control your appliance – please be cautious for everyone’s safety.
Be especially careful with matches and cigarettes. Even if a match has been blown out, it can still set dry grass on fire.

Please drive carefully or, better yet, don’t drive at all! We encourage you to move your car to long-term parking for a 50% refund of your parking fee. Never drive onto uncut grass as hot auto mufflers may start a fire.
Please discuss fire safety with your children and teens.

Please follow all safety advice and stay tuned for notifications from the main stage, Akorn Radio and the Live Oak App regarding fire conditions. For the protection of the audience and surrounding environment, fire officials will survey the campground throughout the weekend to ensure that campers are in compliance with the foregoing policies and guidelines.