The Live Oak Way


Each year, for three days, we create a magical community at Live Oak. Aside from the fun, the music and relaxation that we all experience in this wonderful place, what makes this community special is the way we are sensitive to and respectful of our neighbors. The spirit of the Live Oak Way relies on each of us being conscious of how our actions affect those around us.

"The only rule you need is ‘please keep your space clean and be courteous to one another.'" --Mr. Jamason, 11-year Live Oakie

We agree. But just in case anyone might need some clues:

  • Be considerate of your camp neighbors, especially after midnight

  • Be considerate while in the audience area: quiet during performances, maintain the smoke-free zone (entire audience area), and move from or to your seat between songs, as you would at any other venue

  • Parents, supervise your kids, and even the teens

  • Respect the camp boundary, as infringements jeopardize our use of the site

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If each of us take the Live Oak Way to heart, and gently remind our neighbors to do the same if they forget, together we can continue to create this great community we all love. Please, if you see anyone engaging in dangerous or unreasonable behavior, contact Live Oak Security and let us help.

TEENS AND PARENTS PLEASE READ THIS! Any persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied at Live Oak by a parent or guardian, and must camp with their parent or guardian.

Underage drinking and substance abuse on the site jeopardize the very existence of the Live Oak Music Festival, and its benefactor KCBX Public Radio. Minors found drinking alcohol or using drugs will have their wrist-bands confiscated and will be removed from the festival without a refund. Parents, if your teens are removed, you will also be asked to leave. There will be no additional warnings.

Please help us protect the future of the Live Oak Music Festival, for all of us.

NOTE: All activities that take place at El Chorro Regional Park are subject to state laws and San Luis Obispo County ordinances.