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Once again, it is critical that we exercise extreme care and respect for the danger associated with fire in the Live Oak environs due to extremely dry conditions. KCBX/Live Oak works closely with Santa Barbara County Fire officials to minimize the possibility of fire at Live Oak Camp.

Please do your part by strictly adhering to the following policies and guidelines:

  • Only propane BBQs, camp stoves and off-the-ground, propane-fired pits are allowed at Live Oak. No open, ground, charcoal or wood fires, presto logs or open-flamed candles are permissible.

    If using a propane-fueled appliance, please clear the area around the appliance down to bare earth and be aware that alcohol may impair your judgment and ability to properly oversee and/or control your appliance – please be cautious for  everyone’s safety.
  • Be especially careful with matches and cigarettes. Even if a match has been blown out, it can still set dry grass on fire.
  • Please drive carefully or, better yet, don’t drive at all! We encourage you to move your car to long-term parking for a 50% refund of your parking fee. Never drive onto uncut grass as hot auto mufflers may start a fire.
  • Please discuss fire safety with your children and teens.
  • Please follow all safety advice and stay tuned for notifications from the mainstage, Akorn Radio and the Live Oak App regarding fire conditions.

For the protection of the audience and surrounding environment, fire officials will survey the campground throughout the weekend to ensure that campers are in compliance with the foregoing policies and guidelines.


Campo Viejo

Festival camping accommodations include hot showers and potable water. There are no electrical hookups or sewage disposal. No ground fires (see below), generators, or pets are allowed. If you need to reserve space for friends, please do so with a tent. You will be asked to take down any "rope-offs." With full attendance, the Campo Viejo area tends to become very cozy.

Campo Bajo

We have the Campo Bajo camping area adjacent to the Ticket Gate. Campo Bajo is farther from the entertainment, and therefore is quieter and less active than Campo Viejo.

Camp Boundaries

Please stay within the boundary of Live Oak Camp, as we are surrounded by private property. Absolutely no access to the river is allowed. Noncompliance will jeopardize the Festival's use of this site.

Other Accommodations

If you prefer to camp at Lake Cachuma or stay in area hotels, please go to our Related Links page under Surrounding Area information. Here you will find links to Santa Barbara Parks, which handles reservations for Lake Cachuma, as well as links to the local Visitor's Bureaus, which list area hotels. Please note: Full festival passes include camping on-site at Live Oak Camp only. Here's a list of Los Padres National Forest Campgrounds near Live Oak Camp- view web page.

Lost Kids

Parents, please acquaint your kids with the site, your campsite and the "First Aid/Security/Lost & Found" office (Hot Licks Stage building, see map). Public announcements over aKORN Radio are arranged here for lost children or other emergencies.

Please Drive Carefully

Please drive as little as possible! Raising dust is a problem for everyone. Please don't park your car in shade which could be used for another camper's tent. NEVER drive onto uncut grass as catalytic converters and auto exhaust make for excellent fire starters. Please do not block the roads. Watch out for children playing. Children must wear helmets when riding bikes in camp, and no bike riding after dark.

Shuttle Service

Climb aboard a the free hay shuttle which circulates among the Day Pass Parking Lot, the Main Festival Area, and Campo Bajo from 8AM - 8PM.

Facilities for the Disabled

Reserved parking and camp sites are located on Live Oak Way at Camp Alto Lane (see map) in close proximity to showers, bathrooms, and phones. An area for wheelchairs in the audience is near the sound board.

Trash & Recycling

We encourage you to participate in our recycling program. Please separate recyclables from other trash and deposit them in the appropriate containers. We have placed convenient recycling/trash stations throughout the Live Oak Site (see map). Dispose and recycle as you go through the festival rather than waiting until the end. Better yet, precycle by storing food & beverage items in re-usable storage containers before coming to Live Oak. Leave whatever trash you can at home! If everyone participates, the workload of cleaning up is greatly reduced. Remember, Live Oak runs on volunteer power, so do your part!

Water Conservation

Please conserve water in any way you can. The water supplied throughout the camp is for filling containers only, and not for hoses or recreation. Feel free to enjoy a hot shower, but limit it to 3 minutes.

Have Fun!

Live Oak is a festival! A celebration! Decorate your campsite! Get your face painted. Dance! Bring an instrument! Bring bubbles and other fun toys! Wear a costume! Open yourself to the wonder of meeting new people and hearing new types of music! Experience the magic of Live Oak and have a blast!