The Live Oak ArtWalk is located inside the audience area and showcases fine art/craft with the artist “in residence” at his/her booth most of the time. Artists are encouraged to work on pieces while tending their booths, should their medium permit, to educate the public about their process.

The main differences between the ArtWalk and the Arts & Crafts areas are that the ArtWalk offers no electrical hookup (which means shorter selling hours), and goods sold should be made by the artist (not imported or purchased pieces). Additionally, because the ArtWalk is located inside the audience area, artists must arrive and set up on the Thursday before the Festival starts – please do not apply if you cannot be in attendance Thursday afternoon through the close of the Festival on Sunday evening. You are not required to camp at the Festival and may leave in the evening, but you may not bring your vehicle into the ArtWalk area to pack up until the public has cleared out Sunday evening.

There is a very limited amount of space in the ArtWalk area. For this reason, new applicants are accommodated after returning artists have committed and there are usually only 1 to 3 spots for new artists each year. Applications must be in by April 15th although the fee is not required until June 1st if you have been accepted. You will be required to include photos of your work and a copy of your BOE Seller's Permit with the application. Part of your fee will be the donation of a piece(s) of your art valued at $50 or more for the Silent Auction. Booths may be shared by 2 artists but both artists must apply individually (indicating their desire to share) and send all enclosures.

What you receive for your fee: a 10' x 10' outdoor space in the ArtWalk area, 2 full-Festival passes with camping and 1 parking permit. Shared booths still receive only 2 Festival passes and 1 parking permit. Additional Festival and parking permits may be purchased for other people in your party. There is much shade but some booths have direct sun for part of the day. The Festival slogan is “Peace. Love. Dirt” for good reason – it is very dusty. You will need to supply your own canopy and although security is provided for the night hours, you will need to have sides for your canopy or to clip tarps/sheets to the sides.