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THANK YOU for your interest in becoming a Live Oak volunteer! We appreciate your enthusiasm for helping to make this the best festival ever, and for supporting KCBX Public Radio!

At any one moment, there may be anywhere from 500 to 700 volunteers onsite during the Live Oak Music Festival. This very talented group is responsible for everything you see from selecting main stage acts to aKORN radio operations to making sure that the campgrounds are clean and well maintained. It’s hard to put down in words, but there is a very special bond between this unique volunteer community of friends and neighbors that starts the first moment the stage crew arrives on Tuesday morning through the last person to leave and lock the gate to Live Oak Camp on Monday afternoon.



Volunteer Expectations

A typical volunteer position requires a minimum of 15 hours of work in exchange for a full festival pass, even though many positions require more hours and many folks don't hesitate to work more. Pre-festival positions typically require 30 hours of work.

Volunteers less than 18 yrs old must have a signed waiver on file from their parent or legal guardian (who is also in attendance at the festival), and be approved for that position by the coordinator. Please review ALL of the volunteer areas before applying.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of the volunteer application process, after you have submitted your application we will ask you to review our Live Oak Volunteer Guidelines and sign a Volunteer Agreement indicating your willingness to follow those guidelines.

Volunteer Application Process

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the following on-line volunteer application. Please remember that many of the same people volunteer year after year for Live Oak and that returning volunteers have precedence for available jobs. Your application will be routed between Live Oak committee heads needing new volunteers and, depending on the committee's needs; you may get a call from one of our committee chairs. If you have questions about your application, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at lovolunteer@kcbx.org.

If you volunteered last year

If you have not heard from your Live Oak supervisor by May 1st, please contact that person directly. Please do NOT complete another volunteer application. It won't help you and it confuses us!

If you already purchased your Live Oak festival ticket

If you are contacted to fill a volunteer position, but you have already purchased a ticket to the festival, you will be refunded the full price of the ticket after the festival.  Please contact your committee head to request your refund. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE YOUR OWN VEHICLE PASS. YOU WILL RECEIVE A FULL REFUND IF YOUR VEHICLE IS MOVED TO THE LONG-TERM PARKING LOT IN THE ALLOTTED TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Tell us about yourself!

It is very important that you tell us about your talents and experience so that we can send your application to the right committee chair. Please use the space under “Area of expertise to describe any experience you have and your specific areas of interest.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large number of volunteer submissions and the extremely limited number of volunteer positions available, please do not count on being contacted or obtaining a volunteer position this year.


Volunteer Application

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Check the positions you're interest in.
Festival Catering
Food prep, dish washing.
Pre-fest Catering
Food servers need to be first and foremost, happy, friendly, kind faces for all the hardworking volunteers. Food servers hand out portions of meals to the volunteers for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday. before the festival.
Pre-fest Catering Dishwasher
Pre-Fest Catering Scrub Oak (Dishwasher) Dishwashers wash dishes and cooking utensils on Tuesday night (if possible), and during mealtimes on Wednesday and Thursday before festival. A fun position to do with a friend! Peace, Love and Dirt!
Construction Crew
• Work in teams to move large, heavy objects -- picnic tables, stage components, straw bales, carpet rolls, safety cones, steel posts, lengths of lumber, etc. • Load, unload & ride on truck beds and flatbed trailers. Bonus skill: Trailer towing & backing. • Pound in & pull out many steel t-posts used to support fencing and screen walls. Bonus: Bring your favorite post pounder and/or post puller. • Erect 100s of yards of plastic fencing Tue thru Friday. Take it all down Sunday night & Monday morning. • Distribute and stack straw bales –with the help of a tractor/truck/trailer. Bonus skill: Skip loader /Tractor operator. • Enjoy the festival: Crew members rarely, if ever, work during the event itself.
Grounds Crew
Help Live Oak reach environmental sustainability. Be part of our crew that works to keep Live Oak clean. Your duties will include: collection of compost, recyclables and trash from areas around Live Oak Camp; Insuring cleanliness of the showers and restocking of supplies in the restrooms. You will also help educate fellow Live Oakies about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and compost to be part of protecting the resources of El Chorro Park. You will work a 4 hour shift each day. Requirements: Be able to smile, be concerned about our planet, and be able to empty trash cans.
Monday Crew
After the music is done, we must return El Chorro Park to cleaner than we found it. The Monday crew is responsible for cleaning up the grounds as we take down the wonderland that is Live Oak. You will work from 8am until 5pm on Monday after the festival. You will also work cleaning the audience area for about 30 minutes after the main stage shuts down on Friday and Saturday nights.

Requirement: Be able to smile, be concerned about our planet, and be able to empty trash cans.
Help provide security support throughout the festival. You may need to be able to stand for long periods of time. Good people skills and customer service are a plus. If selected you would be working various shifts Friday – Sunday night. For questions, please email Woody at liveoaksec@aol.com.
Security Patrols
"Patrol positions require walking through assigned areas being eyes and ears for potential safety issues, offering assistance and information, directing traffic (pedestrian and vehicle). Some two-way radio operation may also be required.
Dispatch/Information Assistant
Dispatch/Information Assistant positions require assisting the Dispatcher, checking in and out volunteers and radio equipment, lost and found, and gopherring.
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